About Us

Bring out the adventurer within you / Get in touch with your adventurous side

The idea was born a few years ago. It all started with a couple of friends, enthusiasts, who wanted to show the incredible countryside and nature to their visiting friends from abroad. Each time we would take them to any of the places offered in our tours, they would remain speechless, amazed and hungry for more. One day somebody asked “Why don’t we do this professionally?” And the rest is history....

Our young and enthusiastic team is dedicated to presenting the local natural beauty, people, customs, or simply our way of life, to tourists who usually do not get a chance to see and experience the very best this region has to offer. Our Tour Leaders are local guys dedicated to showing you the amazing countryside and the best sights of our region.

"Let me start to say there is to much to write so if you want more customer experience you can ask Nina for my email address. We took the day-trip to Prvic island and NP Velebit. Our goal was to spot a golden eagle and we did during the very nice boat trip! We also spotted griffon vultures, falcons, short-toed eagle and tuna.