About Us

Our Tour Leaders

Our young and enthusiastic team is dedicated to presenting the local natural beauty, people, customs, or simply our way of life, to tourists who usually do not get a chance to see and experience the very best this region has to offer. Our Tour Leaders are local guys dedicated to showing you the amazing countryside and the best sights of our region. Their colourful personalities (a photographer of the Velebit Mountain and a travel writer, a musician and an all-around entertainer) will definitely spice up the experience of the scenery surrounding you.

Krunoslav Rac is our tourist guide, but also a  NatGeo photographer, naturalist and writer. He was born and raised in Đakovo in northern parts of Croatia, but his love of nature, Velebit and bears brought him to this region and Sveti Juraj. Now, he lives in the village with his family, having dedicated his life to promotion of the amazing wildlife and nature around him. His stories always enrich the entire travel experience.



Nikola Novak is a tourist guide but also a musician and entertainer. Although he was born and lived most of his life in Zagreb, he lives in Sveti Juraj with his family. Having fallen in love with the village and the region surrounding it 21 years ago, he kept coming back to discover all its secrets, beauties and wonders. Now a local, he is eager to share his passion with others and show them the very best this area has to offer.