About Us

Why Trek Croatia?

Bring out the adventurer within you / Get in touch with your adventurous side

The idea was born a few years ago. It all started with a couple of friends, enthusiasts, who wanted to show the incredible countryside and nature to their visiting friends from abroad. Each time we would take them to any of the places offered in our tours, they would remain speechless, amazed and hungry for more. One day somebody asked “Why don’t we do this professionally?” And the rest is history....

Our young and enthusiastic team is dedicated to presenting the local natural beauty, people, customs, or simply our way of life, to tourists who usually do not get a chance to see and experience the very best this region has to offer.

Croatia is already a tourist country with the wonderful and famous Adriatic coast. People are familiar with Dubrovnik, IstriaDalmatia and Dalmatian islands. However, among these extraordinary beauties, one beauty has still remained undiscovered and unknown: the Velebit Mountain and its coastal surroundings. It is situated right between Istria and Dalmatia and seen by tourists only from the main road. Likewise, the amazing nature and region on the other side of the mountain is still waiting to be discovered.

This is where we come in. We have prepared and will be preparing one-day trips and tours of several days to uncover the untouched jewel and give you a unique experience of harmony between people and surrounding nature.

For this reason, we have envisioned tours and trips for small groups of 8 travellers guided by one of our Tour Leaders whose task is to show them and lead them through this amazing countryside free from everyday noise, chaos, crowds, immersed in serenity, peace and harmony of the days still remembered by our elders.

We have created several combinations that meet different tastes, desires and interests so please check our tours and find the combination that speaks to you.

Our team is ready and willing to take you to the adventure of your lifetime.