5 Reasons to Visit Croatia

Why should you visit Croatia this year? Actually, that's a good question. Although I have been pondering over it for days now, trying to think of something original to say that hasn’t been said already somewhere else, I decided it’s best to keep it real. Yeah, Croatia is beautiful. Its nature is amazing and the fact that there is such natural diversity in such a small place makes me always fall in love with it all over again. So, here are my 5 top reasons for you to embark on this adventure of visiting Croatia.

1. Nature

If you love almost or fully intact nature, you’ll definitely be at home here. Mind you that Croatia has 8 stunning National Parks. Regardless what your preferences are, you can choose between the beautiful countryside with many green fields, mountains, rivers and lakes, including the most beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site), amazing Northern Velebit National Park which divides the Adriatic coast from the continental part of Croatia, Paklenica National Park and Risnjak National Park, or the ever glorified coastline intricate with over 1.000 islands (many of which are uninhabited). There are also famous national parks such as Krka National Park, Mljet National Park, Kornati Islands National Park and Brijuni Islands National Park. In one of my future blogs I’ll tell you more about each of these wonderful places.

Waterfall in Krka National Park, Croatia, Photo: Alessandro Pili @Flickr

Waterfall in Krka National Park, Croatia, Photo: Alessandro Pili @Flickr

2. People

Croatians are a bit difficult to comprehend (speaking as one). They are very friendly and very easy-going. If you stop one in the street and ask for directions or advice what to do or see, they will not only give you all the details, but may also take you where you’re heading. Language is also no problem. Most Croatians speak very decent English, with an accent of course, but not such a strong one, since they grew up watching British and American TV shows and films (with subtitles of course). On the coast, you’ll have no trouble communicating in German or Italian. However, and this is extremely important for you to remember, do not ask about recent history, meaning the recent war. Do not ask about politics, the difference between Croatians and Serbs, or any other subject of that kind. I won’t go into details now, but consider yourself warned. You can talk about sports though, in fact it’s a great opening subject, if you remember to mention ŠukerIvanišević, and preferably Dražen Petrović or Kostelić family (I just might help you with some facts in one of my next blogs if you don’t feel like googling).

Greeting to the Sun in Zadar, Croatia, Photo: Alexandra Mitchell @Flickr

Greeting to the Sun in Zadar, Croatia, Photo: Alexandra Mitchell @Flickr

3. Cultural heritage

It’s everywhere you go. If you are into museums, ruins, old castles, churches, and you’ve already visited Italy, you can now come here. We have everything. Romans, French, Germans, Austrians, Hungarians, Turks, they all visited us at one point in time and left some amazing constructions for us and our visitors. Not that Croatians didn’t build anything themselves, mostly fortresses to defend themselves from the newcomers (such as beautiful Nehaj Fortress). By visiting these sites, you will understand Croatia a bit more and where its diversity comes from. BTW, if you watch the Game of Thrones, then you have already seen what Dubrovnik and its area has to offer, for example.

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Photo: Shawn Clover @Flickr

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Photo: Shawn Clover @Flickr

4. Adventure

Always expect the unexpected. Croatia and Croatians are never boring or expectable. If you come here with an open mind and ready to experience something new and different, then you’ll definitely have a ride of your lifetime. It only depends on you and how much you can grasp in a certain time period. If you are lazy and willing only to take it easy, I strongly recommend going to some of the gazillion coffee-bars that are just about everywhere. Even if you sit there for hours, you’ll end up meeting new people, being invited to some party, or just left alone to soak it all up. However, if you want excitement, start by going to the nearest coffee-bar also and take it from there, or join us and we’ll show you how to enjoy life.

Windsurfing in Split, Croatia, Photo: Bokeh & Travel @Flickr

Windsurfing in Split, Croatia, Photo: Bokeh & Travel @Flickr

5. Irresistibly beautiful women

OK, this one is my husband’s. I normally wouldn’t take him seriously or include such a reason in MY blog, but it’s one of the most used sentences heard from any male visitor or foreigner. They all seem truly surprised at how many beautiful women are just about everywhere. True or not, I don’t know, but ladies, men here are not that bad looking either. For you we have here the so-called GALEBI (seagulls – the meaning is lost in translation I’m afraid) who are more than willing and ready to show you the good time, but under your conditions, of course…

Maiden with the seagull in Opatija, Croatia, Photo: Thomas Lanfray @Flickr

Maiden with the seagull in Opatija, Croatia, Photo: Thomas Lanfray @Flickr

So, this is it. If this doesn’t start you thinking about coming and visiting us, I’ll try to spice it up later on. Keep following…