Trekking Style | Trek Croatia | Outdoor Adventures in Croatia, Europe

This style of travelling is dedicated to people young at heart, who want to experience a real adventure by meeting interesting people, visiting amazing places, trying new and exciting things along the way. Its main characteristic is flexibility. Transportation by a van and/or a smaller ship makes travelling simpler and enjoyable to a group of 8 people led by a Tour Leader. They get to see some places that are usually inaccessible to larger groups and bigger vehicles.

Travel Insurance | Trek Croatia | Outdoor Adventures in Croatia, Europe

At Trek Croatia we believe that your safety and enjoyment are the most important parts of your holiday. Before you join your tour you MUST be covered by insurance that includes adequate coverage for luggage, medical expenses, any adventurous activities you plan to take part in, and the cost of repatriation should you become too ill to continue to travel.


What's Included | Trek Croatia | Outdoor Adventures in Croatia, Europe

Take a moment to add up all the costs of doing it yourself, including public transportation, camping fees, accommodation, local attractions, national park entry fees or car-hire and fuel, and it soon becomes clear that a Trek Croatia tour offers incredible value for money.

By sharing travelling expenses and choosing your own level of adventure with loads of optional activities on offer, you're able to tailor your tour to your own taste and budget.

Get Ready for Your Adventure | Trek Croatia | Outdoor Adventures in Croatia, Europe

You're undoubtedly excited about your adventure and have a lot of questions. Our Trek Tips have been prepared to provide you with the essential details that you need to know about travelling with Trek.

Your Tour Leader will provide you with much more detailed information while on tour and if you would like any more information after reading these Trek Tips, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

We have always taken pride in our level of concern and commitment to the natural surroundings and local peoples we encounter on our travels.