Responsible Travel & Tourism

We have always taken pride in our level of concern and commitment to the natural surroundings and local peoples we encounter on our travels.

By training both our tour leaders and travellers on the philosophy of 'leave no trace', constantly reviewing operational processes, and working with locals to give something back to the communities we come into contact with; we endeavour to operate tours that create a positive impact on the places we visit.

We want the incredible natural sights in places that we visit on our trips to stay that way. That's why we promote a "Leave No Trace" philosophy on all our tours, ensuring we clean up after ourselves on campsites and trails.

The vast majority of our itineraries are led by local tour leaders using local suppliers for transportation, accommodation and activities. Food is usually purchased and prepared locally, without the waste and energy needed for restaurant meals. This way we return money to the local economy. We would like for you to support our philosophy by purchasing locally made products when available.

Our tour leaders are all trained in responsible tourism issues and given advice on how to run tours to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Topics covered include water conservation and waste disposal, minimising campfire impact, and respect for the local peoples. You tour leader will help to show you how you can help during your tour.

Travelling as a small group goes a long way to reducing the negative environmental and social impact of travel. Also, a group of eight or less travellers requires less space for activities that a group of forty or fifty, and helps to minimize each group's impact on the environment, other groups of people and helps minimize disruptive impacts on the animals living in the environment we visit