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Trekking Style

This style of travelling is dedicated to people young at heart, who want to experience a real adventure by meeting interesting people, visiting amazing places, trying new and exciting things along the way. Its main characteristic is flexibility. Transportation by a van and/or a smaller ship makes travelling simpler and enjoyable to a group of 8 people led by a Tour Leader. They get to see some places that are usually inaccessible to larger groups and bigger vehicles. Small group tours offer a fun, safe and value for money way of travel.

Our Tour Leaders are home-grown, knowledgeable and fun loving folks with a passion for showing you the real Croatia. They'll drive you from A to B, feed you with as much local info as you need and arrange all your activities en route. Leave the hassles up to us and spend your time enjoying all the amazing places and activities.

With your tour leader to show you the way and your own private transportation, we are virtually self-sufficient while on the road.

Tours aimed at 18 and above

Trek Croatia tours are aimed at travellers aged 18 and above, all with a sense of fun and a keen desire to explore. So whether you're travelling alone or with friends, you'll soon be surrounded with like-minded who will quickly become your new best mates. Half the fun is getting to know your fellow travellers and we guarantee the most diverse and undoubtedly fun groups in the business.

Persons aged 16 to 18 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Taking part and teamwork

When you travel with Trek Croatia you will be part of a team and you will need to help out with various simple tasks, whether this is loading and unloading the van or preparing group meals. On camping trips you'll help out with the day to day camp duties, including setting up and breaking down camp, preparing group meals and washing up. Your Tour Leader will guide you and team spirit will make these daily chores easy and enjoyable!

Be independent 
Although you are travelling with a group, don't lose your self-reliance. If we arrive in a town and have a 'free day' to explore, soak up the nightlife and get out and see the sights.

Participation is key
The more you and your fellow trekkers put into your trek, the fun your trip will be - so be adventurous, join in and make the most of each and every opportunity.

Make friends from around the world 
Trek Croatia groups are made up of a wide variety of nationalities, and although English is the common language, please make every effort to speak more slowly for the benefit of those non-English speakers.

Respect your neighbours
When we are staying in lodgings, especially those in the National Parks, remember that quiet hours are in effect. Please respect your fellow campers who are there to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of their surroundings.

Travel responsibly
We promote a 'leave no trace' philosophy by keeping to existing trails and disposing of waste responsibly and ask, when travelling with Trek Croatia, that you respect the natural environment and the local people you encounter along the way.