The Land of Wolves and Wind by Krunoslav Rac

Our own tourist guide, Krunoslav Rac, has published his new book dedicated to the region we also promote. The book is about nature, wildlife, people and their customs, full of amazing photos. At the moment, the book is only in Croatian, but English translation will be coming soon. This book is definitely a wonderful addition to any personal library.

The price of the book is 250 HRK / 35€.

Zemlja vuka i vjetra - Krunoslav Rac

"Allegedly we all love nature, but we visit it less and less and keep forgetting about it. Krunoslav Rac invites us to come back, keep coming back and fill it with our energy and joy of life. The author talks about his travels and walkabouts, reports on Lika nature, especially the Velebit Mountain, Krbava, Plitvice Lakes, Gacka and Velebit coast.

The nature of the Lika-Senj County is divine by itself. Its beauty brings joy, but also pain.Velebit is truly the cathedral of the Croatian nature, the river Gacka and its valley are a pearl of equal value, although less known than the famous Plitvice Lakes. Fertile fields in the middle of the stone karst, river and brooks waters arisen from limestone are food and drink to the people of this region. And the wind that descends to the sea from the mountain, where endemic animals and plants reign, is often a merciless master of the sound and purity.

When reading this travel book and watching amazing author’s photographs made with a lot of effort and throughout many lonesome stays in deep nature, we are overwhelmed by a stream of annotations, descriptions of conversations with local people, narration field trips to this region’s history experienced by the author, information on natural and cultural heritage of the County. With an open heart, Krunoslav Rac opens our eyes for beauties known, but also unknown, hidden in small corners and visible only to those who know how to look.   

We have in front us a recounted and depicted walk in the “land of wolves and wind” where less and less people live over the years. This is a beautiful and wise book.Take it in your hands and enjoy." 

Impressum, written by Ph.D.Vladimir Lay