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Wildlife watching in the Northern Velebit National Park. One-day guided tour with a night's accommodation.


Bora | Trek Croatia | Photo: Krunoslav Rac

The Bora (Bosnian: bura, Bulgarian: бора, Croatian: bura, Greek: μπόρα, βοράς, Italian: bora, Slovene: burja, Turkish: bora, Polish: burza) is a northern to north-eastern katabatic wind in the Adriatic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, Poland, Russia (Novorossiysk) and Turkey.

5 Reasons to Visit Croatia

Krka National Park, Croatia | Trek Croatia | Photo: Alessandro Pili

Why should you visit Croatia this year? Actually, that's a good question. Although I have been pondering over it for days now, trying to think of something original to say that hasn’t been said already somewhere else, I decided it’s best to keep it real. Yeah, Croatia is beautiful. Its nature is amazing and the fact that there is such natural diversity in such a small place makes me always fall in love with it all over again. So, here are my 5 top reasons for you to embark on this adventure of visiting Croatia.

Why Trek Croatia?

Plitvice Lakes National Park | Trek Croatia | Photo: Krunoslav Rac

The idea was born a few years ago. It all started with a couple of friends, enthusiasts, who wanted to show the incredible countryside and nature to their visiting friends from abroad. Each time we would take them to any of the places offered in our tours, they would remain speechless, amazed and hungry for more. One day somebody asked “Why don’t we do this professionally?” And the rest is history....

The Premužić Trail (Zavižan - Alan) | Trek Croatia | Photo: Krunoslav Rac

The trek takes you to probably the most spectacular hiking trail in Croatia, known as the Premužićeva Trail in the Northern Velebit National Park...

The Beauty and the Sea | Trek Croatia | Photo: Krunoslav Rac

The five-day tour that introduces the very best of both worlds: the Velebit Mountain, its northern part to be exact, and the Adriatic Sea.